hyper-collage of anteaters

This link points to a collage of anteater art, a hyper-structured graphic (ala Tgif) that will launch in drawtool if you've installed ivtools-0.7 or greater, and added the following to your ~/.mailcap file:

application/ov-idraw; drawtool %s

It would also work to download a copy of http://www.ivtools.org/ivtools/anteaters.drs and launch drawtool by hand like this:

    drawtool anteaters.drs

ivtools-0.7.4 added support for asynchronous incremental download of rasters by URL. Now you can watch the images download while panning or zooming the viewer, and draw, move, scale, and resize any graphic (including the downloading rasters). After the download is finished you can even undo all your changes to get back to an unmodified fully loaded drawing.

Images embedded in the collage are downloaded by URL from these educational, civic or free software sources:

  • http://www.ivtools.org/ivtools/
  • http://www.birminghamzoo.com/ao/mammal/echidna.htm
  • http://www.reg.uci.edu/IMAGES/ANTEATERS/index.html
  • http://www.cwpost.liunet.edu/~edt/professional/antpic.htm
  • http://www-personal.umich.edu/~schupska/anteaterfacts.html
  • Please forward any objection to their use in this manner to ivtools-info@vectaport.com.
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