Configuring your web browser for ivtools

There are four steps to configuring your browser to automatically launch applications and demonstrations from these web pages.

1. First acquire ivtools, by downloading binaries or building from source.

2. Add the following Mime Types to the appropriate file for your browser:

application/comterp; cms
application/ov-idraw; drs
application/frame-idraw; frs
application/graph-idraw; grs

Mime Types file for common browsers:

  • emacs/w3: .mime-types
  • chimera: .chimera_mime.types (.Xdefaults resource settable)
  • lynx: .mime.types
  • mosaic: .mime.types
  • netscape: .mime.types
  • 3. Add the following helper app command lines to your ~/.mailcap file:

    application/comterp; comterp run %s
    application/ov-idraw; drawtool %s >& /dev/null
    application/frame-idraw; flipbook -bookgeom %s >& /dev/null
    application/graph-idraw; graphdraw %s >& /dev/null

    4. Restart your browser and try loading this file into ivtools drawtool. If it doesn't work go back to step 2 and make sure you added the Mime Types to the appropriate file for your browser.