Change Log History of ivtools

This is the almost complete change log history of ivtools.

  • ivtools-0.3: January 1994 to August 1994:

    Highlights of 0.3: We started with a 0.3 designation because this was roughly the third-time our team had librarified idraw in preparation for constructing vertical applications on top. During this phase OverlayUnidraw, FrameUnidraw, and GraphUnidraw were organized, and their initial example programs were created, ov-idraw, frame-idraw, and graph-idraw (now called drawtool, flipbook, and graphdraw). A library of extended glyph examples was created as well. No change logs remain from this time.

  • ivtools-0.4: September 1994 to October 1995: CHANGES-0.4
  • Highlights of 0.4: Attribute (property list) objects, mechanism for component serialization, export/import dialog box extensions.

  • ivtools-0.5: October 1995 to December 1997: CHANGES-0.5
  • Highlights of 0.5: Direct incorporation of InterViews foundation classes, ACE middleware framework integration, command interpreter integration, gray-level raster added with arbitrary numerics, initial framework for on-the-fly image processing operators (scaling, pseudocoloring, etc.).

  • ivtools-0.6: December 1997 to October 1998: CHANGES-0.6
  • Highlights of 0.6: support for launching/importing on a wider variety of graphics formats: arbitrary PostScript, GIF, JPEG (in addition to the built-in support for TIFF, XBM, PBM/PGM/PPM, and the Unix filters pluggable via the import dialog box). Hyper-structured-graphics support, where rasters and other graphics are downloaded from a URL. autoconf generated configure script.

  • ivtools-0.7: November 1998 to September 1999: CHANGES-0.7
  • Highlights of 0.7: asynchronous download of URL rasters with incremental display, use of X shared memory for loading rasters to the server, PERCEPS extractable inline class documentation, animated graphic transforming (move/size/stretch/rotate), port to Windows NT with Cygwin environment.

  • ivtools-0.8: January 2000 to August 2000: CHANGES-0.8
  • Highlights of 0.8: add dotted (".") variables to the command interpreter to keep a list of name/value pairs (like a C struct), stay-up (non-modal) dialog boxes, command interpreter integrated into text editor embedded in comdraw/graphdraw/flipbook, comdraw -stripped brings it up without menubars or toolbars for remote control purposes, comdraw/comterp global variables, draw-your-own toolbutton.

  • ivtools-0.9: December 2000 to October 2001: CHANGES-0.9
  • Highlights of 0.9: save/restore graphics in drawing editors by Unix command line; new keyboard commands: pause/trace/step for debugging, save/export, coordinate conversion; PNG support; gcc-3.0/libstdc++-v3 support; auto-streaming operators in comterp

  • ivtools-1.0: November 2001 to November 2002: CHANGES-1.0
  • Highlights of 1.0: alpha-transparent rasters, "none" background color (semi-transparent patterns), keyboard drawing navigation, matrix algebra extensions to comterp, raster primitives for comdraw (peek/poke/pcols/prows/pflush/pclip), NetBSD/FreeBSD packaging, Mac OS X (Darwin) port, Cygwin/Solaris/RedHat-7.* fixes, faster asynchronous raster loading from URLs

  • ivtools-1.1: October 2003 to February 2004: CHANGES-1.1
  • Highlights of 1.1: more MacOS X support, gcc-3.3 support, backward compatible support for gcc-2.95, fix ACE related problems

  • ivtools-1.2: June 2004 to Present: CHANGES-1.2
  • Highlights of 1.2: drawing chat capability added to drawserv