comterp: a command interpreter and server written in C and C++

comterp is a command interpreter written in C and C++ patterned after Fischer and LeBlanc's "Crafting a Compiler with C". Here is the man page for comterp.

When built with ACE, comterp turns into a server that can listen for connection on a specified portnum and interpret command strings remotely. The C++ classes of the ComTerp library:

Compiler/Interpreter Modules

  • Scanner: lexical scanner module
  • Parser: parser module
  • ComTerp: command interpreter module
  • ComTerpServ: command interpreter with server extensions
  • Other Objects

  • ComFunc: command primitive base class
  • ComValue: general interpreter value object
  • A starter kit for building your own custom comterp server is incorporated into ivtools within a tar file, comtop.tgz, that can be unpacked somewhere else and be built and ready with:
       "ivmkmf -a;make".

    Here is the README for that distribution. Here is an annotated sample derived class from the comtop distribution that illustrates how to create a new function for use within the comterp interpreter.

    comdraw is an evolved idraw with an embedded comterp with drawing editor commands.

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