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text files from the tar file

  • user web pages

  • ivtools drawing editors
  • ivtools command interpreters
  • comterp man page
  • comdraw man page
  • ivtools MIME types
  • ivtools FAQ
  • change log history
  • hierarchical drawings by URL
  • automated slideshows
  • large image tiling
  • other tools that work with ivtools
  • things to do with the drawing editors
  • export/import to drawing editors over the net
  • how to use idraw [PDF]

    programmer web pages

  • ivtools source background and history
  • ivtools class library info
  • ivtools class documentation (231K) extracted by PERCEPS
  • ivtools class tree index (255K)
  • alphabetic list of classes followed by their immediate derivative classes (124K)
  • description of framework layers
  • glyph programming examples
  • InterViews information
  • InterViews 3.1 reference manual (no frames) (193K)
  • InterViews 3.1 man pages
  • Unidraw information
  • things to program
  • other related technical info
  • page on alternate multi-layer framework: ET++
  • papers

  • Applying Object-Oriented Design to Structured Graphics ( or, John M. Vlissides and Mark A. Linton, Stanford University
  • Unidraw: A Framework for Building Domain-Specific Graphical Editors ( or, John M. Vlissides and Mark A. Linton, Stanford University.
  • Glyphs: Flyweight Objects for User Interfaces ( or, Paul R. Calder and Mark A. Linton, Stanford University.
  • Reusing Unidraw and idraw, Scott E. Johnston and Jorge A. Gautier, Vectaport Inc.

    related books

  • Design Patterns, by Gamma, Helm, Johnson, Vlissides.
  • Object Oriented Application Frameworks by Lewis, Rosenstein, Pree, Weinand, Gamma, Calder, Andert, Vlissides, Shumucker.

    related web pages

  • Doug Schmidt's home page
  • Ralph Johnson's Framework Page
  • Don Robert's and Ralph Johnson's Evolving Frameworks
  • Dirk Riehle's Framework Layering
  • Vince Huston's Design Pattern page
  • Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham's Extreme Programming

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