ivtools drawtool

ivtools drawtool is an extended version of idraw with double-buffered graphics display, a human-readable native format for drawing save/restore, Motif-looking toolbar and pull-down menus, and several extensions to the import/export and multi-viewer mechanisms as well. Here is a picture of the user interface. Here is the drawtool document for the drawing shown in that picture.


man page

Launch drawtool directly on one of these graphic formats, some by using helper apps:

PNGpngtopnm from netpbm
JPEGdjpeg from libjpeg
GIFgiftopnm from netpbm
arbitrary PostScriptpstoedit
idraw-formatted PostScriptnone (native format)
TIFFnone (native format)
PBM/PGM/PPMnone (native format)
XBM (X bitmap)none (native format)

Or use anytopnm (from pbmplus/netpbm) from the import dialog box to convert a wider variety of raster formats to a format readable by ivtools drawtool: XBM, TIFF, and 8/16 bit binary/ANSI PBM/PGM/PPM.

Read more about using the import/export capabilities of drawtool here and here

If you're running Linux download an ivtools drawtool binary (or build from source) and add the following to your ~/.mailcap file:

application/ov-idraw; drawtool %s

to test launching drawtool when a drawtool document is clicked.

The web server at www.vectaport.com is set up to send out .ovs or .drs files as MIME type application/ov-idraw. If downloading an ivtools drawtool file from another server, you'd want to add this to your ~/.mime-types file:

application/ov-idraw; ovs
application/ov-idraw; drs

Other stuff
hyper-collage of anteaters
adding Kanji input to drawtool (revised Kanji patch)
drawtool redraws Debian logo

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