How to export and import graphics over the net with ivtools drawing editors


ivtools drawtool and flipbook drawing editors, when configured and built with ACE, have a "-import portnum" parameter (which defaults to 20001 for drawtool and 20003 for flipbook). The editors accept connections on that port and import any data received into the drawing editor. Connections can be established in any manner. Telnet works, i.e. "telnet localhost 20001". To simply connect and transfer a data file to a host/port, you can use the ivtools comterp command like this:

comterp telcat localhost 20001 filename

Supported formats: builtin

  • idraw PostScript
  • ivtools drawtool format
  • PBM/PGM/PPM image formats
  • Supported formats: default extensions via plugins
  • regular PostScript via pstoedit
  • JPEG via djpeg (from the Independent JPEG Working Group)
  • gif via giftopnm (part of the non-free portion of netpbm)
  • TIFF via ivtiftopnm (part of ivtools) and tifftopnm (part of netpbm)
  • PNG via pngtopnm (part of netpbm
  • Export

    All ivtools drawing editors and most vhclmaps map viewers can be used to export over the net by utilizing the "comterp telcat" command described above and the "to command" mode on the drawing editor export dialog box.

    Steps to export over the net:

  • Launch an editor with an import port configured
  • Launch another editor and load or draw some graphics
  • Select graphic(s) to be exported over the net with the Select tool
  • Bring up the export dialog box (File/Export or ^X)
  • click on the "to command" button
  • enter this into the string editor:

    comterp telcat localhost 20001 %s

  • Press the enter key or the Export button
  • The filename is supplied by the export dialog box (you can leave off the %s). Adjust hostname and portnumbers as needed.