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ivtools flipbook is a multi-frame animation tool from the ivtools software package. It allows you to draw your own simple animations and flip through them, forwards and backwards, and to replay at different pans, zooms, and croppings.

Here is what the user interface for flipbook looks like. It shows the first frame of a flipbook animation featuring Aaron the flying anteater, the mascot of ivtools.


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  • Play flipbooks forward and backward by keyboard, Ctrl-f moves forward a frame, Ctrl-b moves backward.
  • Enable looping under the Frame menu.
  • Create new frames for modification with the Copy-Forward (Ctrl-X) or Copy-Backward (Ctrl-Y) command under the Frame menu.
  • See the previous frame while drawing the current frame by using Show-Prev-Frame under the Frame menu.
  • Read below to see how to generate animated gifs.

    Most of the mechanism of ivtools drawtool available as well.

    Download an ivtools flipbook binary, add the following to your ~/.mailcap file:

    application/frame-idraw; flipbook -bookgeom %s

    and then click on a flipbook file to test launching the ivtools flipbook editor. Try the online if the local version doesn't work with your browser

    Another sample (change Orientation before playing)

    Then try it out in these flipbooks_button sample flipbook galleries.

    Note these flipbooks are gzip compressed so you will also need a gunzip in your search path (to be utilized by the viewer).

    To render GIF89A Animated GIF's from the ivtools flipbook editor use this bash script in the Print dialog box (select "to command" and enter something like "mkgif89a s r" where s is a floating point scale factor and r is rotation in degrees).

    A more flexible script mkgif89ac takes clipping arguments and a time between frames argument (in hundredths of a second).

    Since ivtools-0.7.2, you can download and run continuously looping slideshows in ivtools flipbook.

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