ivtools graphdraw

ivtools graphdraw is idraw with extensions for graph or network editing. Here is a picture of the user interface. Here is the graphdraw document for the drawing shown in the picture of the user interface.


man page

The top node drawing tool gives you a blank node positioned at the mouse click. The bottom node drawing tool behaves the same as the text tool, and uses the typed in text to initialize the node. The edge tool draws lines that connect nodes.

Most of the mechanism of ivtools drawtool available as well.

Download an ivtools graphdraw binary and add the following to your ~/.mailcap file:

application/graph-idraw; graphdraw %s

to test launching graphdraw when a graphdraw file is clicked.

Here is a small logic diagram that when loaded into a graphdraw from ivtools-0.7.3 or later makes for a simulation of the 4 Value Null Convention Logic of Theseus Inc.. Use the Attribute tool to set a "val" attribute of 0, 1, 'N', or 'I' on the input nodes, and then to inspect the values that get propogated to the other nodes.

You might be interested in an alternate graph-browsing and editing framework, freely available for non-profit use, from the daVinci project as well.

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