ivtools things to do

ivtools has been under development by Vectaport Inc. since 1994. It has always been an open source free software effort, but only recently has this model of programmer collaboration been widely publicized.

If you are a capable C++ programmer with an interest in ivtools-related application areas, why not consider picking one of the following planned enhancements, and trying your hand at framework extension? Test your understanding of design patterns. Make your own contribution to free software. Join or browse ivtools mailing lists for more information.

Also take a look at the page for feature-requests and bug-trackings to get more ideas of things to do.

XDND support (drag-and-drop protocol) Unicode support (multi-language support) (perhaps using IBM's Unicode library: ICU). complete glyphification of drawing editor dialog boxes

DONE in ivtools-0.7.3

filter to convert multi-page idraw PostScript (generated by pstoedit) to ivtools flipbook format
Ctrl-K support for the string editor in the various filechooser dialog boxes

DONE in ivtools-0.7.4

copy-paste support for string editors -- make middle click paste the current window manager selection into the string editor, and supply the current selection to other apps via the window manager

DONE in ivtools-0.7.4

Add ESC and C/R support to attribute dialog box. Probably make OK button and C/R perform the Add button operation if needed.

DONE in ivtools-0.7.3

better support for arbitrary fonts in drawing editors

see minimal idraw help page

configure script improvements -- remove the need for CPU and PWD environment variables and supplying XCONFIGDIR to "make World"

DONE in ivtools-0.7.5

add trace, step, and pause funcs to comterp

DONE in ivtools-0.9

make the ivtools comdraw barplot func work in the current editor

DONE in ivtools-0.7.3

add lineplot and scatplot interpreter commands to comdraw using plotutils.
fix spurious bug where the first single click in a program is interpreted as a sizeable box. Something to do with initializing the event handling.

DONE in ivtools-0.7.6

create a comterp string concatenation operator (an extension to the "+" operator).

DONE in ivtools-0.7.9

automatically generate textual README's, man pages, html, and info pages from one common source. restructure drawing editor export to allow writing directly to a pipe (instead of always using a temporary file)
enabling the Annotate or Attribute tool could default to starting up on the current selection, which will lower the number of GUI interactions to add attributes to newly drawn graphics the text object in drawtool, etc. seems to have a maximum number of characters that needs to be generalized flesh out version 12 of idraw PostScript format to support non-integer line widths (to be utilized by plotutils)

DONE in ivtools-0.7.4

flesh out version 13 of idraw PostScript format to allow specification of capstyle/joinstyle for polylines (to be utilized by plotutils)
create arc and wedge graphics create polygon clipped rasters

STARTED in ivtools-1.0.1

additional support for partial redraw inside a single raster, beyond what's described here.

See #define RASTER_DAMAGE1 and #define RASTER_DAMAGE2 in ovraster.c.

add commands to move forward/backward by one to the Structure menu

DONE in ivtools-0.8

add inline documention to classes, methods, and member variables that can be used to automatically generate documention by PERCEPS.

DONE in ivtools-0.7.4

experiment with building PDP++ and Neuron on top of ivtools experiment with building VRweb using ivtools copy of InterViews allow for some sort of timer-triggered save of intermediate backup copies of a work in progress.
add handler on virtual-memory-exceeded (or even seg-fault) to allow saving a document. expanded capability for editing and traversing hierarchical nested graphs in graphdraw extend the set of funcs in iueserv to support a wider range of IUE data structures and transforms expand the ivxt sample program to have more than a Motif/lesstif button. Pull-down menus might work ok with a newer version of lesstif.
experiment with using Fresco for graphics and/or glyph rendering. try building GroupKit1.0 on ivtools. add KDE, gtk+, and Microsoft Windows to the list of emulated toolkit appearances. Now there is support for monochrome (Apple), OpenLook, Mofit, and SGI-Motif (the default). add support for images to pstoedit's generation of idraw PostScript.

DONE pstoedit-idrawrast.patch

expand the emacs-like text-editor widget:
  • File/Quit menu item
  • middle-button pasting of X selection
  • debug the morpher and plot/sendplot example programs re-incorporated from the original InterViews 3.1 since ivtools-0.7.4 add quit buttons or support for typing "q" to all the glyph example programs. add more mechanisms for time-based frame replay to flipbook.
    experiment with adding a hierarchical frame mechanism to flipbook. tighter integration of the comterp shell with the emacs-like text-editor widget (in glyphterp for starters). Add support for a mode where Ctrl-P and Ctrl-N cycle through the command history in-place. write documentation from the perspective of someone new to ivtools investigate adding themes support.
    add support for anti-aliasing, gradient fill, and align-to-path for character strings.

    sourceforge task

    add commands or tools for setting the current graphic state from an existing graphic, and changing an existing graphic to have the current graphic state. opaque move, scale, stretch, and rotate of graphics in drawtool

    DONE in ivtools-0.7.5

    built-in support for the PNG image format.

    DONE in ivtools-0.9.6

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