The idraw distributed with ivtools is essentially the same as the InterViews 3.1 idraw. It is still built on the IV and Unidraw libraries that have been incorporated into ivtools largely unmodified. The other ivtools drawing editors have been evolved from idraw.

The idraw man page Minimal idraw help page, including how to get more fonts
idraw documentation in German Links to more things you can use (or do) with idraw.
page of idraw logo art convert xact X11 colortables to X resource lines so idraw can use them
adding fonts (incl. Greek) to idraw adding Kanji to idraw
Umlaute und weitere Fonts für idraw

other idraw tips:

  • Hold down the shift-key while moving an object to constrain motion to only the x or y direction.
  • Hold down the meta-key (alt-key) when entering text, to get access to the upper half of the ASCII character set (128 thru 255).
  • idraw holds the keyboard and mouse focus, even from other applications, while entering text. Be aware of this if you find yourself thinking the whole X server got locked up because of idraw.

    idraw PostScript format

    idraw saves its drawing to disk in a Postcript format constrained to be readable by idraw. Here is an example PostScript file in idraw format. You can load it into idraw or print it on a PostScript printer. Here is the same drawing embedded in a larger and different publication, an example of how idraw PostScript format can be hidden in a larger (and different) PostScript document, yet still be extracted by idraw.

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