tools that work together with ivtools drawing editors

This is a list of tools we've tried that work together with ivtools drawing editors:

from the import dialog box

  • djpeg from the Independent JPEG Group -- for converting JPEG to PNM
  • plotutils -- generates line and scatter plots in idraw format
  • pstoedit -- converts arbitrary PostScript and PDF to idraw format
  • plotmtv -- generates PostScript bar plots
  • pbmplus (netpbm) -- set of command-line filters for image processing
  • xfig2idraw, tgif2idraw -- Perl scripts for converting from xfig and tgif formats. (alternate copy)
  • xpdf (pdftops) -- be sure to specify "-" as second argument.
  • ralcgm -- convert CGM, or Computer Graphics Metafiles, to PostScript.
  • At present (ivtools-0.7.10), many of the above generate PostScript that requires further processing by manually adding " | pstoedit -f idraw" to the import command line. Although the import should work without this, it doesn't.

    Bring up the import dialog box with "Import Graphic" under the File menu (or Ctrl-I), then click on the "from command" checkbox and enter a command to generate an importable graphic file. For example "pdftops test.pdf -" would convert a PDF file to PostScript, which can then be read by the drawing editor (if pstoedit can be found, which is relied on for converting from regular PostScript to idraw PostScript.)

    from the export dialog box
  • ghostscript -- PostScript renderer to printers, rasters, and windows
  • ghostview -- X11 viewer for ghostscriptr
  • mkgif89a, mkgif89ac -- bash scripts for generating gif89a from ivtools flipbook
  • pstoepsi, ps2epsi -- convert idraw format to Encapsulated PostScript
  • pstoedit -- convert to tgif, xfig, pdf, FrameMaker, gnuplot, DXF, etc..
  • xv is capable of reading idraw PostScript via ghostscript.
  • Bring up the export dialog box with "Export Graphic" under the File menu (or Ctrl-X). Something must be selected in the drawing editor for it to work. Click on the "to command" checkbox and enter a command to accept a temporary output file, either as a pathname argument to replace a "%s" in the command string, or appended as the last argument on the invoked command line.

    For example, "ghostview %s" and "ghostview" both work when the idraw format radiobutton is pressed, and "drawtool %s" and "drawtool" both work when ivtools drawtool format is selected. The "%s" is more useful when embedding the pathname in the middle of a command line, i.e.

      cat %s >/dev/lp1.

    via the import service -- if built with ACE
  • ivgetjpg -- for downloading and exporting JPEG images using the w3c command line utility and djpeg. Distributed with ivtools.
  • comterp telcat -- utility for exporting graphics files to drawing editors.

  • separate binary used by optional tools and commands
  • qhull -- generates convex hulls

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