more ivtools source info

ivtools incorporates a copy of InterViews and Unidraw, and augments the original capability of idraw with new C++ class libraries for:

  • double-buffered graphics rendering, switchable look and feel, version-free serializing of graphical components in readable ASCII.
  • raster handling optimizations and extensions
  • export/import to/from Unix pipes and over the net
  • multi-frame editing and viewing
  • node/graph topology editing and browsing
  • networked command interpreting
  • drawing command interpreting
  • glyph examples
  • The changes to the original source of InterViews and Unidraw have been mostly limited to bug fixes and backward-compatible modifications. This has been tested by building packages like Target Jr and MiXViews on top. The original schem-3.1 from John Vlissides still builds as well, as would probably ibuild and doc.

    We've applied all the patches we can find from various InterViews archives, like those of the PDP++ development team. Know of any more you want applied to the ivtools source tree?

    Here's a piece on our experience to date reusing and evolving InterViews, Unidraw, and idraw.