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What's New:
  • 2015   ivtools on github: github.com/vectaport/ivtools-1.2
  • Apr. 28th, 2013   comterp extensions including a plug-in mechanism, support for ipl-1.1.1
  • May 12th, 2012   support for gcc-4.*, ipl-1.1.0. Many comterp enhancements
  • Nov. 21st 2009   Ubuntu 9.10 and gcc-4.4 compatibility
  • July 9th, 2008   support for ipl-1.0.2 and hopefully add iostreams backward compatibility for gcc-4.3.1
  • March 4th, 2008   support for ipl-1.0.1, a development environment for the Invocation Programming Language as described in Karl Fant's book "Computer Science Reconsidered: The Invocation Model of Process Expression"
  • Download: ivtools-1.2.11.tgz   (download page)
    Changes: CHANGES-1.2

    Documentation:   ivtools-doc-1.2.8.tgz   online copy

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  • ivtools (pronounced eye-vee-tools) is a suite of free X Windows drawing editors for PostScript, TeX, and web graphics production, as well as an embeddable and extendable vector graphic shell

    It is made up of layered collection of free C++ frameworks that vertically augment the mechanisms of Unidraw.

  • an application framework for developing direct manipulation graphical editors (drawing editors).
  • a GUI widget framework built on TeX structured document concepts
  • A command interpreter with network capability.
  • an extra layer of drawing editor application framework
  • a layer for integrating the command interpreter into the drawing editor
  • a layer for multi-frame applications
  • a layer for graph/network applications
  • More information on the history of ivtools source.
    How to configure a web browser   to launch drawing editors as helper apps
    Custom toolbar buttons for drawing LaTeX graphics
    SourceForge services:   Mailing Lists   Project Page   CVS   Bug Tracking/Feature Requests

    ivtools optionally uses the ACE framework for networking and the clippoly library for polygon intersection.
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    GUI Toolkit and PostScript Resource pages
    Eric Foster-Johnson's Programming X APIs. Brad A. Myers' User Interface Software Tools.
    Li-Cheng (Andy) Tai's GUI Toolkit, Framework Page. C/C++ Users Journal Source Links: XWindows.
    Christopher B. Browne's X Development Tools. Luc Devroye's PostScript Page.
    PostScript and GhostScript Page.

    Support Ivtools

    ivtools is supported by Vectaport and SourceForge at VA Linux.

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